We want to provide the fresh seasonal seafood to our customers.

Based on this philosophy, Fujita Suisan were established 1986.

A lot of fresh fishes that has been caught that day from all over Japan gather Tsukiji market every day. From amang them, we sort out the best fishes and deliver to our end users. In addition, we built a nationwide network of '' direct purchase and wholesale '' in the production area so that we can deliver fresh seafood from the across the country production area to customer throughout the country. In recent years, we expand the overseas export of marine products aggressively, so now available even your order from overseas, such as San Francisco and Hong Kong customers. The world of fisheries is deep, will require long experience to discerning the fish. If you want to open a new fish shop, but such as do not know what to do, or feeling anxiety, please contact us.

In the service of the customer-oriented, we will respond as you'll always be happy and convinced. Best regards as of charm, thank you.

About Us

Tsukiji market

Tsukiji market is one of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market in 11 locations in Tokyo, it is the public wholesale market in Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tsukiji. It is a a comprehensive market to deal with marine products and fruits and vegetables, also the size of extraordinary scale area is 230,836㎡ (it is five times as large as the Tokyo Dome). there is no same size market aronud the world, thus it is attracting more and more attention from overseas as the most largest seafood market in the world. In recent years, it is one of the popular spots for travelers from overseas who is visiting Japan.

The roots of them was from the market group of the early Edo period such as the Nihonbashi fish market. When the Tokugawa Ieyasu moves to Kanto, fishermen who moved from Settsu to Tsukuda Island had engaged in the fishery in order to distribute the fish to the shogunate, then they gradually chenged to sell the rest of fish which sold for the shogunate to general people. They were gradually increasing the scale, and created an major market group.1923,opened a Tokyo City Setsugyo extraordinary market at the old foreign settlement in Tsukiji becouse these market groups were destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake. This is the beginning of the Tsukiji market.

In the Tsukiji market, there is seven of wholesalers and roughly 1,000 of intermediate wholesalers, and thousands of perishable goods which were gatherd from not only japan but also all over the world were desplayed. The daily trading volume and handling amount of money (2006 results) is about in the marine products 2,090t, 17 million yen, 1,183t in the fruit and vegetables, 300 000 000 2 ten million yen, about 916,866t in all materials total.

Ten thousand or more of professional buyers visit the market every day to buy these sellected products. But professional buyer and wholesaler is not only visiter of Tsukiji market. General tourists come so that watch to the professional purchase and demolition of tuna and also buy the fresh produce that has been collected from all over the world. We have already been announced that 40 002 thousand people at the time of 1 day of admission personnel even in 2002, so there is no doubt that the more number of visitors in the current was also increased tourists from abroad is increasing.

Auction House

The king of fish tuna is famous in the auction of Tsukiji market. In the first auction of 2013, there is a news that the tuna of Oma production was sold $ 100 million 5540 was surprised a lot of people. there is a variety of tuna such as the tuna, which is highest grade, india tuna, bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, etc., also kind of swordfish is also dealing in large quantities. Fresh tuna have come to stock from not merely Japan but also all over the world. Frozen tuna that were frozen on the fishing boats which went to around the world have arrived.

The tuna which was auctioned was cut off tail, gills, fins, and then these parts was categorized according to the type such as fresh product and frozen product. Even for professional buyer tuna's auction is quite difficult. So buyers try a lot of method to judge the quality, for example they check zonate spot part that has been cut with a 5-6 centimeters of thickness. Even if much scrutiny, and no matter how skilled, handling of tuna is difficult, ultimately only long years of experience is reliable.

Fujita Fisheries

Fujita suisan also let you satisfy the customers with overwhelming putchase skill that is surprised by others in the same trade. when everyone starts sleep, fishes were shiped from all over Japan and the world. Fish to be transported is delivered to each of the Auction House to fish type. With a large classification, dried fish, processed products, Sakemasu, roe, shrimp, frozen fish, fresh fish, farmed fish, shellfish, tuna. Tsukiji morning is said to be fast, but our work beginning is even more early. Before midnight of 12:00 we went to auction field, and check the shipping status of the day. Fish stock situation is highly dependent on the sea state and weather. By coming in early Auction field, as well as read the quotes from the stock situation, we will be able to ascertain carefully the quality of fish.

we purchase only fish that was satisfied that want to eat myself. We have a commitment to quality as a professional of fish buyer for our customer's sutisfaction. Depend on your budget and business category, we will tell you also how to eat in accordance with seasonal fish to the cooking style. Professional work that can be precisely because who knows fish. Although we can buy everything on the internet, it is interesting that in Tsukiji we can find human empathy. We promise to provide a really good ane safety fish on your table.

Fresh Fish


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